Independent control of Fibaro RGBW controller channels

I have a Fibaro RGBW controller driving three separate sets of white LED strips around my TV (one on each of the RGB channels), and so I wanted a way to control (and automate) each output independently using SmartThings.

I couldn’t find anything that does this already, so I’ve created a little SmartApp that can tie three virtual dimmers to the RGB controller, converting the dimmer levels to a colour to set the controller to (and vice versa).

It’s very much a first attempt - it doesn’t work with the W channel, and probably won’t work for any other RGB controllers - but perhaps someone else with a similar setup will find it useful.

Any suggestions for improvements gratefully received.


I very much appreciate this. It seems like it was a major functionality that quite a few people have been searching for. Fibaro’s is the only controller of its kind on the market that I could find - and if you wanted to control separate white strips only then you were out of luck until this app came out.

I’m wondering why there isn’t more dev around it, given its unique status?