Include device value in message?

Using the built in automations, is it possible to include a device value in a message? I know I can do this in Webcore but would like to use standard automations.

For example, when a particular temperature sensor exceeds 80 deg F, I’d like a message sent that says “Temperature is at 82 deg F”, or whatever the actual value of the sensor is.


Not possible

Thanks. I will keep my automation in Webcore for now then.

That depends on DTH. @RBoy’s Door Lock handler sends values. For example when someone unlocks the door, it does say name of the person who unlocked the door. Maybe I am wrong?

Be aware that webCoRE will likely be phased out at the end of the year when groovy is shut down. As will Smart Lighting.


Understood. That’s why I was trying to convert to the built in automations. I can create one Webcore piston to monitor and report on all of my temperatures; I would need 10 of the built in automations to monitor for high and low temperatures and still not get them to report actual values as I’ve found out.

Understood. That’s why I was trying to convert to the built in automations.

You can take a look at the official rules API which is the intended replacement for Webcore in the future. It’s still in development, but there’s a lot you can do with it now, and it looks like the plan is to eventually have it run local, which will be nice. :sunglasses: ( “Recipes” is a term some staff are using for the rules API equivalent of pistons, but it hasn’t really caught on yet. Many community members just say “rule.“)

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No, and neither is it possible using the underlying Rules API, at least not by any currently documented method. I’d like to think that sort of thing will be possible in future but it may take a little while. Whether it would then permeate up to Automations is another matter.


Hopefully it won’t, not with SmartThings Cooking about.

Irritating as the engine theme potentially could have been, pistons worked for webCoRE simply because it wasn’t likely to be confused with anything else.

I think Automations (in the mobile app sense) should be first in the queue for a new name anyway.


There is one other option, but it’s really tedious and really annoying and I don’t recommend it. I’m just mentioning it because it can be done.

You can create a virtual switch for each point at which you want a notification.

Then create an automation to turn on that virtual switch whenever you reach the desired point for it.

And then create an automation so that when that particular virtual switch comes on, you get a fixed text message for that value.

Like I said, super tedious and annoying, so I don’t really expect most people will do this, but you could. :thinking:

Of course, at our house we get a notification if the temperature is too hot in one particular room and then we just ask Alexa or Siri what the temperature is there. which I imagine a lot of other people would find tedious and annoying, but it works for us. :sunglasses:

Thanks all. I’ll keep the automation in Webcore for now. When it goes away, I’ll convert it to just give me a generic “check basement temperature” message. Less informative, but I guess it’s the best that can be done with the current built in automations.

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