Important Changes to SmartThings Classic Login System


Out if interest, do you know how many hubs that maps to?

If its been anywhere near marketing, that figure will include anyone who has ever downloaded either Smartthings app or has been added as an additional user to a hub.

(sidjohn1) #182

I just went through the process on IOS and it was super painless. I didn’t even need to change the default location, the IOS classic app just worked. I was sweating this cause I already had a Samsung account and I have a lot of custom devices and automations. Just wanted to take a moment to appreciate all the hard work the Samsung team has done to make this as smooth as possible.

(Joel W) #183

Still waiting, not sure if I am in a rush. I haven’t figured out how the process of who gets updated and when is done. Where are you? Wondering if location is in the mix?

(sidjohn1) #184

I’m in Austin, TX and a kickstarter backer… so I’ve gone through all the transitions. :wink:

(vlad) #185

The process of account migration is actually very complicated on the backend. Because of that we are doing a slow roll out, controlling which % of users are able to migrate, though who actually gets picked out of that % is random (earlier during the beta period, it was more targeted to only the beta users). The team & support then monitor the migrations, investigate any failed cases and if a major issue is found then we disable additional migrations until its fixed.

(Joel W) #186

Well I guess I was next, came out of the shower and the update was ready. All transferred only one location and we will start testing.

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #187

Which we really, really appreciate, Vlad. Thank-you!

What has been frustrating, unfortunately, is that the Account Migration message implies to the customer that they should also be concurrently switching to the new App - which is not only inaccurate, the majority of us seem to thing it is highly inadvisable.

Any chance that the message can be rephrased?

(vlad) #188

I relayed the message - the final message is “Moving forward, use your login for SmartThings Classic. Please continue using the SmartThings Classic app until further notice.” but I can see how mention of the app on the banner could confuse some and deter them from migrating and seeing that last screen.

Nearly 2 hours arguing with Samsung Phone Support on SmartThings Hub 2018 aka v3

So, silly issue here. But, an annoyance none the less. I migrated on my S8+. I still use the classic app for my smartthings. However, I have the new app for several of my phone functions (bluetooth mainly).

The New app has a panel that is available as a swipe down that shows your connected devices. Once I migrated, ALL of my home devices showed up in the panel. I deselected all 100 of them (and you have to do it one at a time mind you) and thought fine, that fixes that.

An hour later, they had all reselected themselves. So, I have to scroll through 25 pages on the “quick panel” to get to the quick adjustments on my connected bluetooth devices.

Has anyone else reported and/or is this a known issue that is being investigated?

(JIm) #190

Got My notice today. Went without a hitch.


I lost all my device data and app after switching from Smartthings account to Samsung Account. Is there anyway I can get my old data back? :frowning:

Originally I tried to use the new smartthings (Samsung Account) and quickly found out it did not support a lot of DHT…Then I created smartthings account and switched to classic and everything worked fine…

Anyway I could retrieve the device data/smart app from my old account?

(jkp) #192

You can login to the Classic app using your Samsung account. When logging in, select new user.


It turned out I did not pay attention. Account migration seems to merged my smartthing account data + samsung account data. Now I have two homes. I just need to switch to the correct one. Thanks for the prompt response tho!

(Paul) #194

I did mine in the iOS app today and it also went perfectly. I’m in the unsupported country of Australia so I doubt if it’s location based :wink:

Speaking of which, in poking around the new app (I already had it installed so thought I’d take a look) it seems that unless you’re in the US or UK you don’t get the SHM app to install - it’s just not there in the ‘store’ (I think someone from Sweden noticed the same thing). Would be great if we could get a workaround for that…I use it for my ST water detectors.

(Jimmy) #195

When you go to add a new device in the new app, does is show any non-Samsung categories? Like below the horizontal line in this screen shot.

(Paul) #196

No, I just see device types that Samsung would make. I don’t have any non-connected Zigbee items to test with. Hmm…

Edit: to be clear, I have a US account. I’m just located in Australia. My time zone is set to Sydney but other than GPS and me telling support on numerous occasions where I am I wonder how they’re restricting it?

Edit 2: well, I just changed the iOS region to English (US) and that didn’t help.


Great Job SmartThings!. As soon as I migrated…Last Night at 11:30pm EDT, all of my controllers stopped working and my custom DH devices like GoController Button Controller are not firing commands to activate my Cree Connected Bulbs. My Minimotes are working after I re-did the automation and removed the WebCore commands associated to each button.

Not Happy @vlad. I can see wife approval going down the drain…Again.

(Jimmy) #198

I had a feeling that may be the case. They have somehow region locked adding hub connected devices.

(Joel W) #199

Maybe someone can explain this strange behavior of SmartThings on Fire HD. I transitioned yesterday on my iPhone and iPad with out a problem. Today I wanted to open the app on my Fire HD 8 Gen 7. It would not let me continue with out installing Samsung Browser and making it my default browser. I don’t like being Hijacked by any app. What gives? Should I follow the directions and do this?

UPDATE: Followed the directions and Samsung Browser wouldn’t install as it said no compatible devices. So now I have no SmartThings app on my Fire HD 8 Gen 7. How do I get this to work?

(Jimmy) #200

I haven’t been able to