Custom Tile Icon - Arduino Thing Shield


I’ve read these forums up and down and can’t seem to find anyone with this problem (some have been close…)
Breakdown of where I’m at:

  1. Installed a SmartThings Arduino Shield
  2. Have it synced & listed in my device types. (connecting was easy, rest wasn’t)
  3. Have uploaded the ST_Anything_Relays to my Arduino & SmartThings IDE
  4. I have successfully got this working to switch (2) relays on “Switch 1” & “Switch 2”
  5. Now I would like to know what my gazillion switches on my Arduino Control
  6. Standard Tile Arrangement looks like this (I would show but I’m a new user and they only allow 1 photo)
  7. Tried the “canChangeBackground” code change but It looks like this (without the little gear, it’s just darker)

Sooo… how the heck do I change the Tile Icon Image to Text? I know i can create custom .png’s but I don’t have an option to actually change it?


Bump… Anyone? I would love to start integrating these tiles to show what I end up connecting to each relay rather than practice flash cards of my home devices?

( - Make your home your butler!) #3

Did anyone figure out if one can use custom icons in tiles?