Image capture?

Hi I’m pretty tech savvy and I just got my smartthings hub and kit. I’m trying to set a new routine when my front door opens so that my Samsung camera takes a picture or video. It I can’t seem to do this. All devices are added and active, any help is appreciated.

Currently you can only do this as a function of SHM so that the camera takes a video clip when there is an intrusion. Is that what you’re trying to do or are you looking to have it record every time the door opens?

I wouldn’t use a routine. You can take still pictures with this app.

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I had a live chat with the smart things team they walked me through it. Good resource

I configured a custom monitoring rule, that worked. Thanks

I configured a custom monitoring rule, that worked. It records a video and sends me a text on certain selected days

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Reviving this old string. I bought a Smartthings camera to try it out. I have several Nest cameras already but get a bit nervous about the NST requirement that they be made public. Have done that with a few, just to try things out. a few questions:

  1. I tried the above script with a public Nest camera, but it is not giving me the screen grab. Do I have to somehow insert the URL of the public link for the Nest camera?

  2. Any way I can get the screen grab emailed to me?

  3. The Nest camera shows up as an option when I run the SmartApp coded above, but it doesn’t appear as an option in SHM in either the classic app or the new app. Anything I can do to get it to show up?

As always, thanks!!

I think that if you dig into the settings you can find a solution. There is an easier way. Contact the store where you purchased it for help. I think that consultants will help you much better than advice from the Internet. Do you like a Samsung camera? It’s just that I was also thinking about buying this kind of camera. It’s just that I’ve been getting into photography lately and the quality on my iPhone 7 is low. I am of course saved by various applications such as But I would like the quality of the photos to be much better.