I'm new. Can I do scenes with a door lock function?

I’m building a house and trying to future-proof my home by selecting the best Smart Home Hub that I can use to build on over time. One of my must-haves is having the ability to give voice commands to Alexa as part of Good Morning and Good Night-type scenes. I read somewhere that SmartThings does not allow door lock functionality (lock/unlock) to be used with scenes. Is that true? Is there a workaround for this? I also want to control thermostats and lighting with scenes as well.

Example Goodnight Scenes
Alexa, I’m going to bed. -> Turns off lights, locks doors, arms SHM, turn thermostat down.

Example Good Morning Scenes
Alexa, wake me up. -> Turns on lights, play music, turn thermostat up.

As a newbie, any help or further advice you think I should know would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

In the ST Classic app, you can use routines to lock/unlock your doors. There is also webcore where you can create pistons to do anything you desire.

I believe that there are restrictions on the Alexa side that prohibits voice from being used to run automaton routines that include locks.