I'm having issues deleting a device handler

Hey… I’m having issues deleting a device handler I downloaded for phillips smart hue motion sensor. I originally installed because of some nice features I thought I would like. When I attempted to setup my motion sensor I was never able to get it to fully connect. Now I just want remove the device handler and I try to connect my motion sensor but it is not allowing me to. It states my “devicetype” is still in use. I assumed this would be simple but I can’t figure it out. Please help!!

Author: Bogdan Alexe
Namespace: bogdanalexe90

Can you clarify this part? Did you get the motion sensor connected and listed in the app?

If yes, sounds like you will need to remove it or change the device handler on it and then you would be able to remove the device handler.

If you were not able to get it connected… it might have gotten connected and you did not realize it. Go to the Devices section…. Look for No Room Assigned and see if it shows there or in All Devices… it maybe listed as Thing. If you do find it…. You will need to remove the device or change the device handler for it if you want to remove the device handler.

Note: probably not worth installing groovy device handlers at this point as groovy will lose support on the ST platform at some point.

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Hey JKP… I’m just noticing you responded. Thanks for reaching out. To be honest I had giving up and stopped using the motion sensor. Which cost $40 bucks so I was little sad about it. Recently I got inspired and attempted to reconnect and now it seems to be working. This is just an assumption but I think the device handler I installed is now longer operating so it connected using it’s typical device type operation. I’m really new at this and haven’t invested enough time in learning the operation of things. Anyway thanks again for replying!!!

*no longer operating