Help Please. Accidentally changed Me(my android) to a motion sensor


Newbie here. In anticipation of the arriving Bosch motion sensor I followed instructions to copy device handler text that I found and created a device handler. I saved it and then accidentally went to try it out virtually or something and I assigned it to me. So when I look at things on the ST app, I have my name followed by motion sensor. It used to be my name followed by “android” I believe.

I suspect if I don’t fix this then it won’t allow me to use my phone as a presence sensor for gps fencing.

Thanks for any help

Not sure I understand what you are saying you did here.

If you created a new Device Handler in your IDE, the only way your Android Device is going to use that new Device Handler is if you edited your Phone under Devices in IDE and changed the Type to whatever this new Device Handler was called.

When you goto Devices and select your Phone, what is:

  • Name: Mobile Presence (default name given to phone)
  • Label: What you named it - this is what shows under Things
  • Type: This should be “Mobile Presence”, not the New Device Handler Type you created
    Network ID: uuid… (This should never be modified as it is the phones internal id)

So if you modified the Type from Mobile Presence to something else, then you need to modify it back.

Thank you for the reply. I called the Samsung support line and he was able to delete the Bosch profile. Several seconds later it disappeared on the ST app under “things.”

I had to go in and add my phone as a presence sensor after that. I guess it can only be done on the computer and not the app. I have an idea of how to do it myself now if it comes up again using the online Samsung account.

He did say that sometimes to remove something such as a motion sensor it needs to be edited, under device I believe, and change it to something else such as presence sensor. I guess sometimes it won’t remove it if it is listed as motion sensor.

To try to clarify, when I created the device handler for the Bosch sensor, there is an option at the end to “assign” it to virtual or a device. Under device it lists all my switches at home and my android phone which is my name. I had clicked my name for some reason, and assigned the Bosch profile to me and my phone.

Thanks for your reply. I have lots to learn here.

I would like to add for anybody viewing this for years to come… I was very impressed by the help line. The thing that bugged me right away, and I didn’t mention it to him, is that there were changes to my account with me only providing my email address. There was no security verification at all before devices were deleted. Didn’t even ask for my name, like it would have mattered. I am sure this can be exploited and I would bet money that someday somebody will do so and create a lot of headaches for somebody.

Are you talking about the Simulator? If you ran the Simulator and then selected your phone as the device and tested with that and pressed install, all you had to do when you were done with the Simulator was to press uninstall when you were done.

In the future, just based on what you originally posted. You created the Device Handler ahead of receiving your actual device. So after you created / published your Device Handler, there is nothing you really need to do with that any further if it created and published without error (no need to run a simulator without the device).

Then when you receive your Device, you pair it and get it added to SmartThings. It will be assign a default Device Type. All you would do is login to IDE and edit your new device and then select Type and scroll all the way to the bottom where the new custom Device Handler you created will show and select it and then press Update.

Then go into Things where your new Device is and everything should be working as expected.

Thank you.

Amazon delivered by Bosch sensor about half an hour ago. I followed the instructions at mydigitaldiscount, where I have ordered some window sensors and they sell this same item, and it paired quickly and worked right away. I have tested it a few times and so far so good. I have it so it activates the kitchen light based on motion just for testing purposes.

This thing is big for sure and once it activates it does take 3 minutes before it will detect motion again. temperature is about 7 degrees too high but easily adjusted in the app with the offset temp feature.