IKEA Trådfri


I don’t have a smartthings device, but I have a Hue bridge and a Tradfri lamp. Up til now, I have not been able to pair it successful. Could you tell me some more if I can connect the lamp to the Hue bridge?

It seems he connected it to ST via Zigbee.

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Maybe, its the same protocol…but there might be built in restrictions. Try to reset the bulb by switching on/off the power 6 times and then hold it close to the bridge to try to include it.

I tried to pair a IKEA tradfri to my hue bridge 2.0 without success.

  • reset IKEA tradfri ok
  • turned off all other bulbs / removed power
  • Issued “{ “touchlink” : true }” to API
  • searched for new devices with the API and IKEA lamp physicaly 1cm apart from the bridge

The IKEA tradfri dims up and down a couple of times when de search is active but nothing more and no new devices.

Could the “Friends of Hue” maybe help us?


Hi! I managed to connect the trådfri to smartthings and it is partly recognized, but the Hue handlers I find, don´t seem to do the work. Which one did you use?

I used the zigbee white color temperature bulb, seems to work fine!


How did you add it? I cant fnd it when searcing for things. also what is this hue handler you are talking about?

I have now also bought and added the FLOAT 30x30 cm downlight, this one is also working for me.

On the how: I used a lamp quite close to the hub, added the bulb. Selected “add new thing”, “start search” and after that switched the light on. It is then recognized as a “thing”. Logged on the the website, opened the device and selected “Change” and from the dropdown “Type*” I selected the “ZigBee White Color Temperature Bulb” works for both.

For the FLOAT I had to do a factory reset (switch power fast six times) for it to go into learning mode.

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thanks worked great. my problem was actually the reset of the bulb. i was to slow since that how i reset my lightifys.

Also Ikea remebers their last settings when powered off and then on. Not like Hue.

Does this mean that in the event of a power outage, if they were off before, they will remain off when the power is restored?

According to the simple test I just performed, the settings of dimmer and colour is kept, but the bulb always switch on.when power returns.

Testing done on bulb with remote control, not sure if connection to smartthings would give another result.

They always go back on but with the last settings.

Zigbee white ambiance only let’s me go down to 2700k. Ikea says it supports down to 2200k. Can I change the device handler to allow for that? Noticed that my hues rgbw lamps support down to 2000k.

Cool, hadn´t seen that. Need to check if that is possible to change.

I did change it. Also looked more on how the ikea gu10 changes color. It has the same amount of two different leds in it, white and orange. Then it mixes them with on and off at three places. 2200k, 2700k and 4000k. It doesn’t do gradients of mixing. Just on or off so it can only do three color temperatures. Then it can dim. If you turn it off then on with a switch it remembers their last dimming level but not color.

ah. I did change the driver ZigBee White Color Temperature Bulb to support down to 2200, seems to make a difference haven´t checked how seamless they are though.

Come on April 2017! LOL

anyone want top try to build a dth for the button. It is really cheap and has 5 buttons on it.

I managed to include it in ST using a standard zigbee button controller but cant get it to recognize any key presses (just battery status). Developing a custom device handler from scratch extends beyond my skills…but if someone would it sure is a good and cheap controller.