IKEA Trådfri

Stumbled upon info that IKEA is selling a new dimmable Trådfri GU10 but with no control of color temp. Its fixed at 2700K. This is selling for 69SEK which should be about 7-8 dollars. Which is about half of the price as the color temp GU10. This could already be posted though.

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@ran183 - You need to use the IDE and not the app to change the “thing” to a “ZLL Light Bulb”. I bought several 1000 lumen bulbs and they work great.

Did you manage to add it to ST? And do you have a HUE hub as well? I just bought this lamp, but I am unable to reset it so I can add it to the HUE hub. Did the on/off six times but nothing is happening, The other GU10 with color were no problem updating and resetting for my HUE hub. Would be interesting to know if you have similar problems.

I have several of the 1000 lumen Ikea bulbs connected to Smartthings and have them using the “ZLL Light Bulb” device handler. I do not have a Hue (or Ikea) hub. All of mine paired very quickly as a “Thing” and then I changed the device type. I did not have to reset them so I can not help with that.

I dont have the bulb. Just passed the information. I dont have a hue hub neither. I have other Ikea bulbs but they connect directly to my ST.

Hi all,

Not to interfere too much with the current discussion, I created a new post specific to the new IKEA Tradri RGB bulbs.

IKEA Tradfri RGB Bulbs (ZigBee with “CIE xy” color scheme)

Device Handler already working and shared in the post. So far I cannot find any “more” bugs after quite an intensive testing. Of course, happy to fix any if found :slight_smile:

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Okay, I got the bulbs and remotes to pair. The remotes connect to the bulbs just fine. Nothing gets thrown out etc. But I cannot get two remotes paired with one bulb. I know people will keep on telling me I just have to repeat the steps. To be honest, I already spend 3h on just pressing the two damn buttons at the same time. Sometimes on of them pairs, sometimes the other one and sometimes the bulb does not flash at all. But no luck so far. Can this be due to a new firmware (just updated yesterday) of the remotes since this was written or something? Can please somebody test and/or confirm the two remotes controlling one bulb, before I waste more time (and my nerves) on this?

Btw. Great work with the device handlers and everything else, I really appreciate that I can profit from this!

EDIT: Okay, I got it! Fun fact: not always follow the instructions :wink: I actually just unpaired / resetet the remotes and connected one of them to the bulb again. Hence, the bulb got disconnected from ST (since the remote was not paired with ST anymore). I reconnected the bulb, repaired both remotes and just paired them again with the bulb -> works now! Awesome :slight_smile:

I’m having an issue using the white spectrum device handler posted on these forums. I’m using the e12 bulb, and I get it added to SmartThings, but when I click to turn the bulb off it just says “Turningoff” and hangs there indefinitely. Any ideas?


Is anyone working on a device handler for the remote or is it just impossible to get it to work? Been looking for solutions but doesn’t seem like anyone working actively on it.

The RGB bulb is out and its my understanding that it only comes pared with a remote in the box and you can’t purchase the bulb by itself?

Are you referring to the dimmer puck or dimmer + color temperature (white ambiance) change puck?
I’m trying to do with the latter and I can’t seem to get it to work.

I’ve got quite a few Trådfri lamps connected to my ST Hub and it works flawlessly for standard lighting automation, but I am looking for a few special features that I can’t find a ready solution for.

Changing color scheme on all bulbs - how does one go about doing that?

Making lights flash and/or change color.(planning on using a xiaomi button as a door bell)

Has anyone here gotten something similar to work with their setup?

Looking for something like this? Trend Setter works well for synchronizing multiple bulbs and changing colors on all simultaneously.

Same problem as johandams. Not able to reset them and not able to connect to ST.

Same problem here.
Seems like this bulb (80365270) is not working with ST

I think we have to wait for the October updates. IKEA is said to have several new product announcements coming in October. Would be surprising if these cheaper models would not get HUE support.

This is one of those new bulbs, they’re not on the website yet, but you can now buy them in the store.

if you are not able to connect them to ST, you probably are doing something wrong. There are multiple users who where able to connect this type of Tradfri bulb with the hue hub and I cannot imagine that this would be possible and ST not.

I just replaced them with the more expensive ones, the cold/warm temp bulbs. These paired very easily.

very strange, but I had trouble with some of the bulbs as well and had to reset/pair them multiple times before it worked.

I just bought the cheaper 1000 LM E27 bulb. Same problem; seems impossible to join. The bulb flickers every minute orso, but nothing is found in the app.

The other (more expensive) gu10 light was found very quickly.

Just read the devicehandler-topic:

Not supported:
TRADFRI bulb E27 opal 1000lm - It’s not a color temperature bulb, just dimmable