Ikea Tradfri Remote Control

Dodged this bullet:

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Does anyone experience that the middle buttons triggers a smart Plug (Xiaomi for instance) without making any automation ? Is that possible ? Can someone please help ?

Yes, it is possible. The remote has a default binding group and the Xiaomi plugs are having the same one.

You can try to remove the button completely, reset it, and then add again, but that time unplug the Xiaomi plug. It might work, but there were mixed results so far.


I am having a lot of issues with the Tradfri remote on the ST side. If I try to change the actions for a button, most of the time the “Done” will be unselectable so I can’t save the actions. Furthermore, the actions are very unreliable—ST will indicate that a button was pressed but it will fail to actually do the saved action for that button. Any ideas?

There was another topic about this recently. There is a bug with the quick control.

Build Automations by yourself and don’t use the quick control from the device’s page.


Thanks, that was indeed the issue. I used automations and it’s working well.


Could someone please help advise if this set up is possible with Smartthings and IKEA Trådfri products?

A group of 4 Ikea bulbs controlled with 2x Ikea 5 button remotes.

  • On/off and dimmer all bulbs together. Progressive dimming is not necessary, but these operations should be local so the remotes work if the Internet is down.
  • Left and Right buttons programmed for a scene e.g. turn a single bulb on at a predefined % brightness. This doesn’t need to be local.
  • Control bulbs with app and Google assistant

Going through this thread it’s not clear if this is possible. Only having 3 buttons work local and app/ voice control is what I believe the Ikea gateway provides, so trying to work out the benefit Smartthings would bring. I ideally want local plus programing the 2 left/right colour buttons.

There are two operation types

  • hub
  • group

Ikea remote supports both, and it’s not really configurable.
So it’s possible to add all the bulbs to the group (pairing with the button) and it will work directly without a hub and internet. Also, the hub can listen to the same messages and run scenes.

But if the bulbs react on the left-right button’s click (color\temperature change) they will continue to respond to group messages.

Bulbs can also be controlled via Google assistant.

I have a similar setup at my home. The 5 button remote is in the same Zigbee group as the kitchen led panels (direct control). And left-right buttons are assigned to control the IKEA blinds (via hub)

When you say hub, you mean the smart things hub right? Not the Ikea gateway?

The bulbs I have are not colour/temperature, only dim so I want to re-purpose those 2 buttons like you seem to have done. Just wasn’t sure if I needed smart things for that.

yes, it works on the Smartthings hub. I do not have Ikea gateway

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I’m having trouble getting the left and right buttons to do anything with SmartThings.

I paired the lights (via the driver) and remote with the hub. Then the remote with the lights (via the driver). The top, bottom and middle buttons work fine as normal IKEA behaviour.

The lights do not change color so the left and right buttons have no function. But trying device quick actions, automatons and smart lighting automatons all don’t work when triggered by the remote. I’m fact they don’t work with any of the buttons.

Wonder if I’m doing something wrong?

are you sure the remote is connected?
do you see the button clicks in the app history?

It said the remote connected successfully and I can see the battery status, but no I don’t see any button clicks in the history.

I don’t see any history for the lights either, but I can control that from SmartThings

try to reconnect the remote so you can see button clicks in the app

When I reconnect the remote, I can see the button presses and history in SmartThings. However the remote no longer operates the lights locally.

None of the buttons do anything, I can just see that they’re being pressed. I can now assign actions to individual buttons, including the left and right buttons, but this would only make the remote work via SmartThings (I.e. dependent on the Internet)?

Pairing the remote to the lights makes it work locally again, without any left and right actions. But it seems to disconnect from SmartThings as I can no longer see the presses.

So it seems the remote either works locally or completely via SmartThings? I can’t seem to get it to get them to work together?
It would be OK if I have to program the buttons, i just don’t want the remote to be completely dependent on the cloud/ internet.

it is possible to get it work together. But do not remember how exactly, try different connection order and/or timing.

as far as I remember long press does local binding, repetitive press resets the remote.
so probably press several times, test the hub connection , then press and hold near the light bulb.

Hi, it’s pretty straight forward, I just did it last night. However, you can’t have your cake and eat it too.

  1. Pair light(s) to hub, such that you can turn them on/off from the app
  2. Pair remote to Hub, such that you can see button presses in the app
  3. Take the remote RIGHT near one of the bulbs, and hold its pairing button. KEEP holding for 13-25 seconds, it takes a while sometimes, until the bulb turns on, pulses for a while, and then flashes a few times. After the flashes the remote is locally paired to the bulb.
  4. Repeat with any other bulbs

You can now keep controlling the bulbs from the app and any integrations, you can see the remote’s battery level in the app and monitor how it’s connecting in your zigbee network, etc., and you can control the lights with the remote offline when there is no hub or no internet.
The only trade-off is that you can’t see button presses in the app, so the remote can only operate on those lights. As well, even when it is paired to the ikea white-spectrum 1000lm bulb, the side buttons are unusable. This is the cake part I spoke in the beginning.

OK thanks. Have tried a few orders but nothing that has got them both to work at the same time.

Will keep trying a few things otherwise may have to accept its either work locally with no side buttons or work via SmartThings and be dependent on the Internet

Thanks, yes this is what I described is my current configuration.
But I am trying to eat my cake too as Andrew suggests he has this working, just not managed it yet.

after the last update in the smartthings application I can’t configure the individual buttons on the controller