IKEA Tradfri on Hue Bridge - can white tuneable bulbs have the white color changed?


The title pretty much says it all. I’d like to add some IKEA Tradfri GU10 and maybe E26 bulbs that have variable white colors to my Hue Bridge (which I already own w/Hue bulbs). I know the Tradfri bulbs should be able to be added and the current firmware should all be well past the version that wasn’t compatible (which was a couple of years ago now).

But I’m not sure about what’s controllable.

I noticed that the IKEA website states of their white tunable bulbs that it has three color choices (basically warm white, white, cool white) rather than the spectrum that one typically thinks of with white tunable bulbs. But I’m curious of two things when the Tradfri bulbs are used with Hue bridge. First, can the white tuneable bulbs actually have their white color changed via the Hue bridge (like warm white, cool, etc)? And secondly, am I limited to the three specific white “colors”, as the IKEA site suggests when used with their bridge or would it be similar to Hue bulbs where any white can be chosen as long as it’s within the limits of what the bulb can actually do?

Any info/advice/experiences would be amazing. We live many, many hours from an IKEA so while it’s not too difficult to get items from there, returning isn’t so easy if it doesn’t work (and I can’t as easily just buy and experiment to find out). Thanks so much!