Ikea outlets keep dying

I installed one of the ikea outlets into my exhaust fan in my bathroom and it died in two weeks. Contacted ikea and they sent another out and that one died within a couple of days. Anyone got any ideas why?

  1. define ‘died’
  2. how far are the outlets from your ST hub
  3. do you have any other zigbee devices?
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Which model outlet? And how was it installed? Also, is the exhaust fan a simple on/off device, or does it have multiple speeds?

Its completely dead as in offline on the app and the led is off and i tried reseting it but no joy.
Its installed in the roof and yes fan is simple on and off. Im not sure which model its just the au outlet. The signal to the hub is fine and we have about 10ish other zigbee devices

How hot does the temperature get? Those are only spec’d up to 40°C. A lot of attics and roofs get considerably hotter than that.

The control outlet is for indoor use only and can
be used in temperatures ranging from 0oC to
40 oC.

Huh ok i’m wondering if it might be too cold then… its been a bit chilly lately. although i had a tuyra wifi outlet up there for years and never had an issue.

Too cold is also possible. The IKEA devices are designed for a typical residential home interior.