IKEA dirigera hub (matter compatibility promised soon)

I see the IKEA dirigera smart hub must be on general release now, it’s available in Belfast store.
I’m hoping this means a wider range of smart devices will be available from IKEA which hopefully will be SmartThings compatible.
I use quite a few of the 1056 lumen white spectrum bulbs which I’m pretty happy with, never really content with the brightness of 800 lumen bulbs.

It’s supposed to be Matter compatible after a future promised update, but it isn’t yet. It will require a future firmware update, and no specific date has been given for that yet.

At IKEA, we will work towards Matter certification step-by-step, and the first update is expected in the next couple of months. We are just getting started,”

You can buy it now if you like, but you won’t be able to use it with smartthings at present.

For now, Dirigera, like the Trådfri Gateway before it, supports integrations with Amazon, Google, and Apple smart home ecosystems.

So the promise is there, but as we all know, “hardware is hard“ and there have been many well intentioned companies that ended up never delivering the integrations they promised. :thinking:

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I have no plans to buy the dirigera hub itself. I was more interested in any new IKEA products that arrive as a result of it, and If they in turn work with SmartThings.
I’d rather not have the hassle of two hubs.

If the new products use Zigbee, they will probably only have matter compatibility through their own hub. This is exactly how the original IKEA tradfri system worked for HomeKit. An IKEA sensor connected to a Tradfri gateway will show up in the Homekit system. An IKEA sensor connected to a smartthings hub will not.

If the new products use thread, they may have matter compatibility without the gateway, we just don’t know yet.

We have one of the Ikea 1000 lumen bulbs connected to SmartThings and it’s working well.

I believe i did need to work with one of the community developers to get the device fingerprint.

It now does work with the stock Edge driver as well.

I did pick up a Dirigera to tinker with, and also use for firmware updates.
I’ve attached it to Home Assistant as a HomeKit Controller.


Just set up the new dirigera hub and hooked an ikea 2 button on/of/dimmer to it.
Am hoping it will do a firmware update!? Which MIGHT fix my 5 day battery life on ST.

Interesting that Ikea App does not:
Show any details of the button, eg firmware, serial #, etc
There is no firmware settings at all in the App.
The button device page shows No recognition of button presses at all.
ALL you can do is change name, room, delete it and possibly add another device to it, although I can not verify that does anything at this stage

Tap the Edit icon in the upper right corner, and select “About product” on the next screen.
The firmware version is displayed there.

It will update the firmware on the buttons if one is available, it’s just slow.

Mains powered devices (outlets, bulbs) update quickly.

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