Ihome still work with Smarthings and Homekit?

Newbie here. I use Homekit, I Dont have a smarthings hub yet.

I read here that ihome works with homekit at the same time but it was an older post so wondering if its still true?

Reason is, I have a dumb switch i want controlled by homekit. I used to do it via ihome/wink/swithmate.

Just found out about third reality so want to do the same ihome/smarthings/thirdreality

There’s a page in the community – created wiki of devices that can work with both HomeKit and SmartThings.


And some ihome models are still on the official compatibility list.

Be aware, however, that a number of community members, including me, have found the iHome connection with smartthings drops off every few days and then you have to reconnect them, which is really annoying. I stopped using them in favor of MeRoss and iDevices (through IFTTT).

There is an official Meross/SmartThings integration, but it seems to be flaky right now, and I’m not using it for much yet.

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Thanks! I do have an idevice plug. IFTTT works pretty quick?

You have a lot of ihome devices? I have 7 of them and there is one that I need to reconnect to homekit every few weeks

I had two, but got rid of both of them because of the unreliability. But that was a couple of years ago, I don’t know if things have improved or not.

I do have an idevice plug. IFTTT works pretty quick?

It just varies from house to house. At my house, it’s about eight seconds, which is good enough for my uses but might not be fast enough for your light switch control.

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