Why is there a weird tag about JDRoberts?

Yesterday when posting a question regarding motion sensors, I got a suggested tag named “jdroberts_is_wrong”. What’s the deal with this? I tried looking it up and couldn’t find anything, but it seems to me that the forum itself is targeting @JDRoberts for a reason I cannot comprehend.

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Must say I don’t know where you got that from.
As far as I’m concerned I only see good information and links to the many questions people raise on here.
I’ve knick named him the guru.


Never seen anything like that. He is always very helpful.

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That was a joke by one forum member who in a week created about six of those tags for different people, not just me. Like much Internet humor, it was easily misunderstood if you weren’t part of a small group with a shared history, so all the comments got changed later, but the tags appear to remain forever.


That’s my whole point. JD is extremely helpful to the community, but for some reason there is that suggested tag.
I am assuming the tags are generated by a computer when they see trends, or something. This is why I said the forum and not the community itself.

I am sure it was not specifically targeted and Discourse has some crazy algorithm that clearly wasn’t very effective. It couldn’t be further from the truth.

It was specifically targeted, but it came from one forum member with a sardonic sense of humor and that person created about six of them for different people all in one week. It was an odd time… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Ahhhhhh there you go. It didn’t make sense to me.

Well, this one shouldn’t. I find it incredibly unfair.

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Thanks, but it doesn’t bother me. Like all people, I am occasionally wrong. I try to fix any inaccurate comments once they’re pointed out, but to be honest, it would make me more nervous if there was a tag that said “JDRoberts is always right.” I’d never be able to live up to the pressure! :sunglasses:


He’s an adult, and I doubt the joke sent him scrambling to find a coloring book-equipped safe space.


You can crucify me, it was me that created the tag along with other tags that were over the top ridiculous…

Including something about @ady624 not being able to code. No sane person believes that, nor believes JD Roberts is wrong, while not infallible, JD Roberts is always helpful, has an amazing ability to delivery timely, relevant, factually accurate in depth responses, and has a very diplomatic way about him that is very admirable.

I have a sick/weird sense of humor.

That being said, we should in fact ban @SBDOBRESCU


Oh and I will add, I didn’t know they stuck around and made suggestions to folks creating threads!

While that is regrettable and certainly wasn’t my intent, I do find it a bit funny but would do away with it if I could because I don’t want anyone to be confused by it.

I am a chaos agent.


I’ll probably start using jdroberts_is_right, but on occasion I might use beat_jdroberts_to_it.



So there.


Well, you can’t tag individual posts, so I’ll probably never use beat_jdroberts_to_it

But, I can create the tag, Alex_Who next time I have a complaint.

Hey, I was late on one thread where there were already two existing duplicates! I think it was the Sonos announcement about echo integration. It happens. :wink:

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See now it makes more sense and can be seen as funny. Words without context can be easily misunderstood online. Sarcasm is very easy to mistake even in person.


I deliver my sarcasm dead pan IRL. People love me or hate me for it. Mostly hate.


I can have a very dry sense of humor and difficult to tell sarcastic way. People that work with me sometimes get it, sometimes don’t.


At work we were required to tag jokes from our department as “engineer joke” because nobody else ever understood them. :disappointed_relieved:

My favorite was when my boss renamed The weekly status update “Current Events.”

We all thought it was funny…