IFTTT using Alexa to Lock the doors

Hello, new here and new to the smart home. I am trying to set up Alexa to lock my Schlage Z wave locks. I have them all connected to my SmartThings hub. I can lock or unlock them with the ST app. But when I try to set them up on IFTTT to have Alexa Lock them… I go to select the lock I want Alexa to lock and it errors with “Must be a valid identifier” I have tried several different names on the locks to no avail.

Thanks, Jay


I assume you have the IFTTT icon within SmartThings and you properly integrated the lock with IFTTT? Have you tried other triggers from IFTTT to activate something other than the lock, like a light?

Also, there is integration you can use to lock your door directly from Alexa, not utilizing IFTTT.

Alexa can lock the locks without IFTTT, just can’t unlock them.

Are you referring to the native ST to Alexa integration? That function may be locked out for security reasons. Jay above was trying to get around that using IFTTT, which should be possible.

been working a couple months now.

Alexa lock the front door.
Locking, hang on.
SmartThings locked the front door.

Alexa unlock the front door.
Just to be safe I can’t unlock smart devices yet.

Again, I think Jay is looking for a solution to the unlock piece…The only way I know is either through IFTTT or, of course, using Ask Alexa.

I have a schlage zwave lock, too and just tried setting it up to lock and unlock via IFTTT Mobile app and it works.

Have you seen this thread:

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Help, I’m new to HA. I need to allow Alexa to unlock my new Z-wave schlage through ST. She locks only

How do I find a ifttt app to do this?(unlock)

Go to wwe.ifttt.com . You can also download the app for Android or iPhone.

Then you have to connect your Alexa and Smartthings accounts.

When you connect your Smartthings account, make sure you include the lock you want to include.

You can the create an “Applet”: When you say a specific phrase to Alexa, unlock your lock.

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I will try to create applet… hopefully it’s easy, I don’t know coding or programming. I watched a video on webCoRE, almost had a panick attack watching it lol

Anyhow, I got lucky just now & did a search in ifttt using keyword “unlock” & found someone already made it! Works!

So I guess I’ll avoid learning how to create apps another day lol

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