IFTTT Period of Time?

I’m using iOS Samsung SmartThings. It’s the latest version. I’m trying to set up a IFTTT script using “Period of Time” to turn my porch light on at dusk and off at dawn. That has to be paired with another status. So I included “Location Mode” in the If statement and then set the location using a Scene.

So far it hasn’t worked. Has anyone successfully used the “Period of Time” to control lighting? I used two IFTTT scripts to do this before, one for on and one for off but that isn’t efficient use of code.

I have several working. Can you post a screen shot? Can’t tell if you’re using the IFTTT app or the automation builder in SmartThings

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I’m using the builder in the iOS app rather than a true IFTTT tool.

That automation will only run when the mode changes between sunset and sunrise. You’ll need two for specific time if you want time to be the trigger.

Thanks Jimmy I guess the time period is just a window that only allows action ie porch light on when a state change to Home occurs within the window.

I was hoping they had derivatives of count down timers. I used to program PLC’s and other real time controls. This is a very small tool kit.

I guess I’ll tie the logic into a photo cell. I was look for a single function IP or NEMA rated weather proof device.

BTW I reacquainted myself with IFTTT. I have to say it can do some interesting integration between apps


Now that I’ve thought about it, you can do this with one Smart Lighting rule. Smart Lighting is on the automation menu in the new app.

Brilliant Jimmy and it was right under my nose all along. Even dumber I had use this rule to coordinate my living room lights. Thanks for all your help!

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