IFTTT, Is it linked to ST by a SmartApp?

When I look in the mobile app IFTTT is not listed under SmartApps, but is listed under Linked Services under the menu tab.

But the odd thing is that you get to choose which devices are exposed to IFTTT unlike other Linked Services that expose all devices.

When I look in the Groove IDE under Location then Installed SmartApps, IFTTT is listed as a Smart App owned by the system and the devices exposed in Linked Services are also listed.

So is IFTTT a SmartApps that is going to die in October?

Yes, it is a Groovy smartapp. But I’ve been told they are moving it to the new platform.


Thanks, I am glad to hear it is being moved to the new platform.

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So…will it work with multicomponent devices? Or have the same problems as the voice assistants? :thinking:

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Hopefully you don’t end up having to expose all of your devices to IFTTT, like you need to do to Alexa and Google.

I may be mistaken, but hasn’t IFTTT always had access to all devices on the ST account once the integration is established? Then you choose which ones you want for each applet.

But it’s not the same risk issue as there is with the voice assistants, because it’s too easy to have someone in the room say the wrong thing by accident. Or simply a misunderstanding on the part of the voice AI. There’s no similar risk of accidental activation in Ifttt.

Currently you have to select the devices in ST that you want to select in IFTTT.

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Good to know. Still, I think the risk assessment statement holds. It’s just much higher with voice.