IFTTT integration with vibration multisensor

Hi, have set up ifttt to work with smartthings and tucked all the sensors. Ifttt doesn’t appear to be able to detect vibration, only open close etc. Am I missing something please? I have my sensor on front door and in doorbell and get a notification but I want ifttt to trigger

Nope, you’re not missing anything. I believe that capability isn’t available through IFTTT.

Out of curiosity, why use IFTTT when either of the 2 ST apps can do this for you?

I want my wyze cams to trigger. Thanks for the confirmation

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You could create a virtual sensor in ST (button, switch, open/close, etc) and set up a rule that toggles/opens it when vibration is detected. The virtual sensor could then be the trigger for your IFTTT routine.

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