IFTTT and Mode Change or Run Smart App

Are there any plans to be able to change modes from IFTTT or have it trigger a particular SmartApp I have set up? I know you can get around the mode change, by adding a virtual tile but I don’t want to have another tile that needs to be update when I get in the Things Mode.

It would be great if IFTTT could trigger a mode change or run a trigger a smart app.

I’m all for this! Please make a mode change trigger for IFTTT!

Also make it available as an action!

I wrote a couple apps that do just as you are requesting…the ability to trigger mode or Hello Home Phrases from IFTTT…It DOES require a simulated switch be set up, but besides that it works well…

Would that fill your needs?

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Here are the apps I was referring to: https://github.com/MichaelStruck/SmartThings/tree/master/IFTTT-SmartApps

That’s pretty awesome, @MichaelS! Is there any way to make your apps trigger phrases only when certain modes are active?

Shouldn’t be difficult…stand by…

Ok…did the modification. Actually unsure why I didn’t include that previously. Great suggestion!