IFTTT ->Smartthings: Close but no cigar

I was pretty excited about discovering IFTTT, was able to setup a few routines and they worked, however; they are way too slow. I set one up to flash my lights when my Ring Doorbell detected motion. Imagine my surprise when my flights flash and I delightfully bounded up the stairs to meet the Amazon man. But he was almost out of my driveway! Then running a few more tests told me that the delays could be as long as 3 min before my phone tells me or lights flash. I wonder if I could do this with Core. I still don’t have that setup but am trying to figure it out.

Is what I am trying to do difficult? Ideally, when Ring detects motion, I would like JUST the lights in my office and wife’s office to FLASH a few times in red. IFTTT couldn’t select a room or set of bulbs to my knowledge, either 1 bulb or every bulb in the Hue system.

IFTTT is cool for things that are not integrated into ST but there is a delay. Could be 2 seconds and as you said, could be 2-3 minutes.

Use CoRE for rules. CoRE pretty much can handle anything you throw at it.

Use SmartLighting for quick and easy automations.

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Check out Stringify (https://www.stringify.com/). It’s like IFTTT on steroids.

Thanks - I will!

You’ve been on here almost a month now, time to step up to CoRE :grinning:

I’ve actually been using it for about 4 days now. In the CoRE for Dummies thread, it said it was easy but not so much (to me). But I was able to do that and install my 1st DH. I really like it but of course, need to spend more time with it to really figure out how to take advantage of it.