If I want to trigger the speakers saying "Welcome Home", is this the best way?

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I just want to make sure its triggering optimally. I don’t want my speakers to say hello when I’m not actually coming home and I’m just opening doors or walking around setting off motion sensors. Instead, I want it only to say it when I actually was out and now I’m home. Is the “Arrive Of” setting exactly the way to set this? It only triggers upon arrival of my phone AND a door open if I set it that way? How many minutes after I arrive does the second trigger need to happen for it to know that this is the situation to say “Welcome Home”?

How about something like this.

I have found that I have to put a wait in before the speech as sometimes it does not work.
This way it always seems to.

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Here is another one. :wink:

Hey Bobbles, I’m pretty novice. How do you implement this? I’ve been using smartapps in the mobile app and I’m guessing this is a more advanced setup. If you can give me some detailed step by step instructions or link me to some, that would be great.

This rule is using CoRE. It’s a rule engine that lets you set up anything using very simple rules to very complex stuff.
I’m very much a novice at this but once you get into it it does become easier.
You can download the app from here:-

When you open up the app you need to create a smartapp in the ide.
You can then use it.
I’m not sure how familiar you are with all this so I will leave you to it.