If First Alarm smoke device detact smoke, then Call me.. You can do it using IFTTT

Hi freinds,

I bought First Alarm smoke detector and It is paired secessfull.
And I try to get way to receive a CALL in ST app. But I didn’t.

For that, I tried to use other way by doing the following:

  1. In ST App :: I create Virtual Switch, and I named " CALL ME "

  2. In IFTTT App :: I used " VoIP Call "
    ==>> " If CALL ME switched ON, then Call my device"

  3. In ST App :: In “Smart Home Monitor” ==>> “Configure " ==>> “Smoke” ==>> “Alert with Light” ==>> " Select Lights " ==>> Choose our Virtual Switch " CALL ME” ==>> SAVE

By this way, When “First Alarm Smoke Detector” detect SMOKE OR CO will switch ON our Vertual Switch called “CALL ME”, Then that switch will call my device by using VoIP Call via IFTTT.

I share this Topic with you and I hope it is usefull…



interesting. what does it say when it calls you?

You can set it up to say any message you like, kind of like an echo notification.

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I had just done basically the same thing this past week. I wrote my own applet to call my cell phone if a virtual switch turned on. I’ve a smoke/CO2 alarm, 4 motion sensors and 2 moisture sensors in the house. I was concerned that while I’d get a SHM alert on my phone, I could miss that alert. I set up that when the virtual switch turns on for any of these sensors/ alarms, then the IFTTT applet would call me on my cell phone.

In addition to what @JDRoberts said,
You can type any thing you like in the “Voice message”
like in white box in bellow photo


Great bro .