Hey Guys! New To the Community!

Hello Smarthings Community, I wanted to introduce myself.

My name is Luis and I am web developer. I just ordered my Smarthings and was wondering what sort of cool things I can do with them. I am open to any sort of wild projects you can think off.

Thanks :smiley:

Nice to meet you and welcome to SmartThings!

To start off, automate your lights in heavy use areas. And I would say, take it slow. Do a room or an idea at a time. Confirm it works as expected and then move on.

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As @theedpope stated, take it slow, get it right and work in a logical pattern . . . in regards to exciting things you can do the world is pretty much your oyster, your not going to find a more open and community/hacker supported HA system than this anytime soon :slight_smile:

Welcome to the community :blush:

Welcome to the community! Check out the projects category, lots of very cool stuff there:


Welcome. I started because I wanted to be sure my Garage Door was closed. So I bought a hub and a garage door controller, programmed SmartThings to let me know if I left it open and was very happy with the result.

Then I added some switches mostly to try them out and some motion sensors. I use the sensors to track my Dogs movement and I have a camera to watch them when they are “in action” LOL

The Amazon released the Echo and things got really fun. I added IR senders to control my Split AC system and now when I feel too hot I simple say “Alexa turn on AC cool”, that really won over the Wife :slight_smile: Now I can voice control my lights and my ac/heat. Gotta love that !

It’s a lot of fun and frustrating as heck sometimes but as others have said you will enjoy the company of many peers that love hacking around with this thing !!! We are in a growing pain stage as the V2 Hub and many other changes have been implemented all at once. So you may struggle a little at first but I am optimistic that things will be much better once the dust settles.

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Hey!!! Welcome to the community!

Looking forward to what you can do with your SmartThings!!!

Thank You guys for answering my question very quick. I can tell I would love this community :grinning:

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