Ideas for controlling blinds based on weather?

yes, i have build it upon devices created by another app that was bridging Domoticz to SmartThings, sorry for that!

No problem.
I will have a look at your repo. Maybe I can fork it and make some modifications. Would that be an issue?

Let me check If can easily make the app more generic. Will be back. Could you PM me done detail from the ide of your Somfy device? And what dth it is using.

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Hi Martin - I was following this thread with the hopes of a resolution to having your app more generic. I am looking for something that does exactly this (control based on sun position and shade orientation) except the shades are zwave and controlled directly through ST. Would have PM’d you but too new to ST and the the forum. Would love to know if you had an update. Thanks!

Look into webCoRE. I have all season routines (Pistons) setup to close and open the z wave shades accordingly.

You can even go in as far as if the AC is on close shades, etc etc

Sun Calc helps with the approximate position of the sun throughout the day.

The app has been updated to control all that have Windowshade capability, suncalc is part of the app :wink: have converted it into groovy. Looking for feedback on it.

Install Smart Screens app in the IDE and devicetype handler domoticzOnOff as a needed one.

Any issues, let me know.

Thanks Martin - I’ve installed smart shades and published, the app appears in ST but cannot launch. I should clarify that my setup is basic at this point only have devices connected directly to ST including the shades. No pi or other device running domoticz since the shades are zwave and controlled directly with ST. Is configuration with my setup possible with the smart app or do I need to be controlling the shades with a controller running domoticz? Sorry… very new to ST :neutral_face:

No should be able without domoticz. If you go to live logging in the IDE, and after that launch the app, are there any errors showing in the log under Smart Screens? I have recently made changes to also control shades that are not contolled by my own device type handler.
Could you also paste a screenshot of one of your devices from the IDE?

Sorry for the delay. Yes, this is the error I see:
error: Device type ‘domoticzOnOff’ in namespace ‘verbem’ not found. @line 65 (pageSetupForecastIO)

Can you send a link to the code for the DTH? Having trouble with that.

Many thanks Martin. Up and running. Happy to give you some feedback in a few days when I have some time to configure. Thanks again!

Getting the error below when trying to save the configuration. Any thoughts?
groovy.lang.MissingMethodException: No signature of method: script_dth_7b918435dfeeebcfd377c25647cd7b7380d1a7864c360330a9ddf68024d08b06.parse() is applicable for argument types: (java.util.LinkedHashMap) values: [[name:windBearing, value:SE, isStateChange:true, …]]
Possible solutions: parse(java.lang.String), pages(), page(), pages(groovy.lang.Closure), page(java.util.Map), close() @line 652 (doCall)


was sending an event to your dth which was not supported, added some checks to prevent. 3.11 is on github. We might run into a couple of these cases, thanks for helping out. Please leave live logging running fo a while to catch the errors…

Thanks Martin, New error when saving configuration:

java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot get property ‘typeName’ on null object @line 653 (doCall)

missed your message, stupid, forgot to replace an object reference, tested it, no more null…v3.12 on git

no worries, not seeing v3.12 on git though

should be on now…

one more below. sorry I cant catch these in one go.
java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot invoke method toInteger() on null object @line 680 (doCall)

No problem, strange that I did not get it.

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