IDE webpage suddenly shows 2 home locations - wont let me delete - I only have 1 hub

I started my SmartThings project about a month ago. I have a single home and a single hub. Logging into the IDE would always show “Home” as the only location under “My Locations” (as it should be).

About 24 hours, I logged into the IDE, under “Home”, to create 2 additional ‘modes’ before I learned how to create a virtual switch, which was the right way to approach my issue. Thus, the creation of the additional ‘modes’ was not needed. However I apparently messed something up now, because suddenly under “My Locations” there are two “Home” entries for My Locations, which is bizarre. Clicking on the first entry for “Home” is correct and showed the additional ‘modes’ I had created (which I now deleted), as well as 3 Groups I created. So this is correct.

Clicking on the second entry for “Home” shows my account, but its missing the section for ‘coordinates’, is missing my groups like under the correct “Home”, is missing an entry for my hub, and clicking on any of the ‘devices’, events, notifications or smartapps shows nothing is found (but clicking on these under the 'correct “Home” lists everything).

I do not understand what’s happening here, but it will not allow me to delete the additional ‘home’ on the IDE. It says as follows:

Oh No! Something Went Wrong!
500: Internal Server Error
Reference Id
[xxxxxx] [I deleted this reference ID for this post in case it has identifying info, but its a bunch of letters and numbers]
Thu Aug 03 17:20:16 UTC 2017

This seems to have all started when I added those modes.

How do I get help on this? Is this a bug on the IDE? Any suggestions?


This is a followup to my post so others that search this see the ‘correct answer’.

I was able to use the live chat feature on the SmartThings support page. To Samsung’s credit, this support mechanism was fantastic. A tech jumped on immediately, and even spoke to a lead engineer while I was ‘live’ on the chat. The entire process took 10 minutes.

The ‘modes’ part of the issue as described above was not relevant. What was relevant was my attempt to start the “Samsung Connect” app on my Galaxy S8+. The tech asked me if I by chance had done that - and in fact I did 2 days ago. Apparently, this is a known issue and Samsung advises not to use the Samsung Connect app if we are running the SmartThings app on a mobile device because it is a known issue that it creates a second ‘home’ location. The best part? It cannot be deleted - not even by Samsung at the mother ship. This is a high level problem and Samsung is working on a fix, such that one day the extra ‘home’ location might be able to be deleted. It does not affect functionality in any way, and I was told to rename that location from “Home” to “Delete Me” and a ticket was opened. The ticket is flagged so one day it can be deleted.

I was under the mistaken assumption that trying to link Samsung Connect to my SmartThings hub would allow Bixby support. I am told there is no (not yet at least) Bixby integration. Furthermore, I never even got to the step to link the hub to Samsung Connect. All I did was open the app and Samsung Connect was linked to my Samsung account, so the issue presented itself in the SmartThings IDE.

Anyway, that’s what happened, if anyone has the same issue. Don’t go down the same road I guess.

Thanks for reading.


Hey, thanks a lot for providing the follow up. I believe this happened to me now too and I was searching to find out why, now I know. Have you heard anything else about a fix or are you still waiting?

Actually it took months later but I was actually able to eventually delete the unused location. Not sure if they fixed that or some other device, i.e., phone, may have ‘disconnected’ from something up on the internet and the webpage allowed me to delete it. But my problem is resolved now.

It will affect some adversely. I was part of the Account Migration Beta and all beta testers got a second "phantom’ Home location created when creating / migrating our accounts from ST to Samsung.

For some (including myself), when opening the ST mobile app, this location became the default so at first glance in the app it looks like you have nothing (no devices, no SmartApps, no favorites, etc…). So you have to physically select your default location from the dashboard drop-down. Some of us beta testers we’re able to delete that additional Home Location a few weeks later, if that additional location did not contain any Samsung appliances (internal migration added these devices for those that had them in ST)

Just an FYI :slight_smile:

For those who have this problem, I found a solution that worked for me at least so I created an account so I could let you know as this has driven me nuts as well. WB70 mentioned that sometimes when it creates the new location, it is set to the default location. As it happens, it seems it did that to me. So I went to my real home location which was set as false for the default location and changed that to true in the IDE. Once that was set as default, I was able to delete the fake location without any internal errors 500 messages or further troubles.

Hope this helps you guys too.


Thanks peterdeppe, that was the fix for me too.

Thank you, that worked!!

Hi all,
I as well had the second home location created from my samsung connect app on my s8. This was before the new app released and any warnings at been put out I think. First chat with support proved unproductive. This was many months ago.

Yesterday I was on chat with them regarding another issue and I brought this up again. Took the agent a few minutes. He even came back said he was having trouble and to standby.

End the end he said he had to use the “Hit it with the hammer technique”, whatever that means, but he removed the location for me.

Thanks! Samsung needs to add this to their help instructions on deleting an unwanted location. Easy fix.

Thanks. This worked.

Just had this happen. Fixed using this.

How do you change your default location to true? Can’t find where IDE is located. I tried to delete the 2nd home location without any success.
Thanks in advance.

Click on your email. It will show your email twice. Click on one and try it again. If it doesn’t work, click on the other one and try again. That is what I did and worked great. I was able to delete the second account right away.

Thanks, worked for me!

Thanks peterdeppe, that was the fix for me too, it was driving me nuts!

Thanks!!! That worked perfectly