Simulator - Does it still work?

I haven’t used the simulator in ages. I got it to let me pick my location and prefs once about an hour ago, but ever since I just get this after selecting my location:

Was it a casualty of the v2 update(s) or am I doing it wrong?

SIM and IDE are super wonky right now, not sure what the issue is.


D’oh. Reported it to support@, but I’m sure it’ll be fixed before they get to the ticket.

Thanks, Mike!

Support doesn’t know anything about it. They’ll keep an ear out for other reports, though!

I’ve had all sorts of problems with the simulator :confused: It’ll work sometimes and sometimes not. I noticed it doesn’t work with multiAttributeTiles, or at least that’s the connection I’ve made. I get a Handlebars javascript error in my browser console.

The IDE is having all sorts of problems. Modifications to device type handlers are not being saved properly. One of my device type handlers couldn’t be deleted. Data that had been removed from a device type handler code and not present on the screen showed up as an error when trying to save…support is aware of all of this and working on it.

I’m having lots of issues. When I try to add a new input preference the simulator does not activate. For instance if I have an input for all motionsensors i.e multiple: true it comes up. Then I add another input with a different handler and reference object with multiple set to false and I get nothing.

Are there limits to the number of inputs for say just motionsensors.

Also the ‘uninstall’ tab appears to do nothing when it is working. I do that to see if I can get the new input object recognized by the simulator. I tried logging out, logging back in and nothing. Using Ubuntu and Firefox on my end. Thanks for any ideas.

I’m having ongoing issues with the simulator and testing a new device type.
After I click Install it just spins… I can get some templates to work, but most do not.

The Z-wave switch seems to never install.

It’s not just me that can’t use the simulator then? Devices don’t function when you try to trigger them etc?

Ahhh, this explains my recent issues with My Device Types.

I guess the alternative is to debug with a real device?

I was advised to use the US ide to simulate. A bit crap.