IDE says I have no SmartApps, but the one I wrote is still on my phone -- anyone else seeing this?

Last night I was editing a SmartApp I’m writing. I had github integration turned on (thankfully!) and had also branched tonesto7’s NST Manager.

The latest published (“To Me”) version of those apps is still available on my phone… but when I log in to the IDE this morning it tells me “you don’t have any apps yet, add one now.” It’s offering to let me turn on github integration.

I’m an experienced developer but new to SmartThings. Does this sort of thing happen often with the SmartThings IDE? It’s scary as all get out. Also I would like to continue to develop my app. Do I need to recreate it, or should I just wait and it’ll fix itself?

Any thoughts are welcome!

You need to log on to the correct shard.
There are 3. 2 in US and one in EU.
Log on to the ide.
Click on Locations and then Home.
In the address bar you should now see the shard/server your hub is on.
Use this for all future logons to the ide.
From here you can now (hopefully) see your smartapps if you click on my smartapps.

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Thanks guys, that solved it. I was aware of shards, and that they’re not transparent to the user. But in the past they had been “transparent enough” in that whatever login method I was using had redirected me into my shard. This time for some reason that didn’t happen.

I appreciate the gentle pointer.