Ice Dams: Heat cable in Gutters for ice buildup controller

I have had ice dams in my gutters for the past 2 winters. I am currently installing low voltage heat cable to help with the problem. I have 5 separate gutter sections which need comtrollers. A controller that identifies the moisture and temperature are right to turn on the heat cable costs about $150 each. I need an IoT device that will let me know when there is pier to the circuit after the controller so that I can then use this to turn on the other 4 circuits with a basic on/off for outdoor light bulb. The power consumption is low so most basic on’iff switches such as Wyze outdoor plug will work.
gutter heat cable installation.
heat cables and controller link

I have also cutdown the rain splash guards to 1" high and added some additional roof insulation.

something like this smart energy saver master to slave power strip but watch your amperage/wattage. has fine tuning for when the master device drops below a certain power to shut off all the slave power.