I want to turn lights off after a delayed set time

I can’t seem to find what I want to do, although it would seem to be rather simple.

When I go to bed, I turn off all lights and engage ‘night’ mode. What I would like to find a way to keep 1 light on for about 2 minutes, then go out. Sort of a night light so I can find my way through my dark house. I want to do it with a mode change or virtual switch, not a motion sensor or closure sensor.


Have you tried the Smart Light Timer app (you can find it in the market place under SmartApps/lights and switches). I’m not sure it will do what you want but based on your used case, it may work.

Alternatively you can use the Smart Lighting SmartApp to turn off a light after X minutes. You can configure that if you select “Turn off a light” and choose “Power Allowance Exceeded” as a trigger. You will be able to set up X minutes as a “timer”.

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Thanks for the ideas. Smart Light Timer unfortunately only seems to work with motion sensors. BUT I never knew about the ‘Power Allowance Exceeded’ option. I will play with that a bit more, might need to find a way to turn the light ON first, then have it go out with the Power Allowance option.


Right, in your case I think you should be able to accomplish what you want through the Power Allowance feature. Good luck!

I’d think you could have the Smart Lighting app turn off after 2 minutes… and only run in night mode, then as part of your Good Night phrase, you could tell it to turn that light ON. That should trigger the 2 minute count down. This should allow that light to then work without the restriction of 2 minutes during normal use.

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Sounds like a good plan, ill try it out.


You could set up a virtual switch labeled “Good Night”.
Have that switch fire a routine when turned on. That routine can turn on the light while it turns off all of the other lights. Have this routine also change the mode to Night (or whatever you want).

Then, in the Smart Lighting app set up a new instance.
Choose the light and choose “turn off”. Have the trigger set to power allowance and set your timer to 2 minutes. Under “More Options” choose “only when mode is”.

This should work for you.