Delayed shutoff after change mode?

What I would like to do is switch to night mode, but leave one light on for a minute to give me time to get to bed. I have a Smart App setup with the power allowance set to turn the light off if its been on for 1 minute and only when in Night mode, but it looks like this app only triggers when the light has been on for exactly 1 minute, not greater than one minute. Since this light is on most of the day, it doesn’t trigger. I tried setting the Goodnight routine to turn on that light hoping that it would refresh the time on, but it doesn’t. I also see the Smart Light Timer app, but the description pretty much confirms what’s happening in my first attempt, “unless, the switch is already on, in which case it stays on”

Any other options?

Use a virtual switch as a timer. It won’t make any difference whether the real light is on when you start. You have your mode change turn on the virtual switch, you use power allowance to turn the virtual switch off after one minute, you have the real Light follow the virtual timer. So it will turn off when the virtual timer turns off.

This also leave you free to use other methods to control the real light at other times of day. :sunglasses:

There’s a how to article in the community – created wiki that explains how to set this up:

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