Turn lights off that were manually turned on at night

Here is the scenario:

  • Mode: Night
  • Lights A come on when motion is detected (dimmed to 10%) and turn off 2 min after motion is no longer detected

Now, if I go into this room during the above scenario and turn on an additional light…how do I get that to turn off? Basically, we are in night mode. If there is no motion, all lights on the first floor should be turned off.

If you go to the ide at http://ide.smartthings.com for smartapps. You should see a bunch of applications that should work for you. I use Smart Nightlight plus. However, I do not use it the way that you have stated. But, it should work.

I find that generally I do not use the modes, at my house there is always someone here. So, the modes are less useful for me. When it is after 2:00 am and if there are any lights on, I wrote an app that just queries all the lights and turns them off.

This is a bit of a kludge, but it works…

I set up a nighttime “Night sustain” mode. The mode has what lights I want on at what level, so I can say I want “X, Y” lights on or “A, B” lights on at say 10% as night lights.

Then I trigger it a couple of times per night, say at 2 am and 3 am, etc. What that does is set all the lights into a specific mode, no matter what their current state. So if someone gets up during the night and turns up a light in the bathroom (which on dimmer at 10% as a night light), and they forget to turn it back down, or turns it off – the “sustain” mode, then resets it to where I want it to, after a while.

It’s a kludge – you can be staring into the mirror at 159 am, and at 2 am the mode will turn the light down to 10% while you’re still in the bathroom. So its not perfect.

A software option with logic will work better (turn down the lights 20 minutes after they have been turned up if your in mode “sustain”, for example). But for a quick 2 minute fix, it works. The software logic is on the list to implement in the future, along with some motion sensors to turn up the lights if someone gets up and is moving around.

Use the Smart Night Light app in the ST App.

I think I was not clear in the original post - I wanted to turn off lights that I turned on (not part of the smart app) after X minutes when the lights that I did turn on with the smart app turn off.

I’m also unclear why I need the Smart Night Light app when I can just set the lights to turn on when motion is detected while in Night mode already?

This ought to do it…


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Yep that should do what you need,

Can this be modified to allow a selection of multiple motion sensors instead of just one? (checkbox instead of radio button_?

In case someone gets here by Search and needs a current solution like I did.

Another possible solution is to use the built-in Smart Lighting smartapp and select the Power Allowance as your trigger. Power Allowance restricts the amount of time appliances (lights, TV, curling iron, etc) can be turned on to save energy and have a safer home.

Plus Smart Lighting runs locally on hub v2 so no cloud dependency

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