I want to get energy usage (data) from my AI Power Manager smart plug

Hi I’m trying to get status from my smart plug but I can’t find sample codes doing it.
How can I get data or status from my smart plug device? the status I want to get is eneryMeter.
I want to see how mush energy my device used for amount of time.

First rule of home automation: “The model number matters.” Some smart plugs can report energy use. Some cannot. :thinking:

Do you already have a smart plug and if so what is the brand and model number?

Brand is AI Power Manager
And the modle number is PM - M130 -WE

I wish I could find some sample codes.
I have to use the datas in other systems for my school capstone design TT

Ok, based on the following webpage, you should be able to connect the account of the AI plug to your SmartThings account. then the device and the energy used will be visible in the smartthings app.

I don’t know if you can create a smartthings routine based on the energy usage or not. I would suggest contacting the device manufacturer and asking them. Or perhaps someone else will know. :thinking:

It looks like that specific model also works with the SmartThings Energy feature in the SmartThings app. However, I think that only means that you can see the information in the app, not that you can use it for anything else. So I don’t know if that’s enough for what you want to do or not.