I want my windows PC to become a SmartThings temperature sensor, is it possible ?!

I just had this idea as I have a new PC that is on 24/7 and is running quite hot. I thought “surely someone must have already made some kind of software that allows a computer to appear as a sensor” but I can’t find anything to confirm that is the case. Does it exist ?

To clarify, I want a piece of software that reads the main CPU temperature and reports that as its value whilst emulating a temperature sensor. Then naturally I could add other automations/alerts around it if the temperature goes over a threshold that I allow.

Any ideas anyone?

Event Ghost can send values to ST. It’s a small application that runs on PC to “monitor” various attributes and ST can send events to Event Ghost to make the PC do various actions.

Here’s a tutorial on how to get it all setup. I will see if I can make a temp sensor tonight. I believe so…


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