I Want Drivers for Bosch Smart Home Controller II

I have a Bosch smart home controller 2 and thermostats. All devices are Zigbee 3.0
I need drivers to connect with Smartthings

Unfortunately, that is not possible.

The Bosch Smart Home Controller 2 is a zigbee hub (“coordinator”).

The Zigbee profiles that smartthings supports only allow for one hub per zigbee network. So you can connect a Zigbee end device to the Bosch Smart Home Controller 2 or to a smartthings hub, but not to both at the same time. And you cannot connect the two hubs together.

There is an official cloud to cloud integration between the Bosch home connect app, and the smartthings app, but I think that’s only for appliances, not for the Zigbee devices.

You may be able to get partial integration through Alexa routines (not SmartThings routines), but that’s not using edge Drivers.

The good news is that Bosch has said that it does intend to support the new matter standard eventually.

If (but this is a big if), they update the Home Control2 to be a “Matter bridge“ then you should eventually be able to bring it into smartthings that way (although not necessarily all devices or all features.). That would use stock edge Drivers, and not require any custom code. But we aren’t there yet.

At this point, the best thing to do would probably be to contact Bosch support and ask them if they are going to eventually have a Matter bridge, and when.


ok thanks for information

But in the case of Philips Hue it is possible, my smartthings hub has drivers for philips hue and is connected via a hub and not a link from a partner company. I thought Bosch could do the same

The communication with a Hue Hub is via LAN and is only available because Hue has specifically opened their integrations to any platform that wants to use it. That’s why they work with so many different systems. Bosch has not yet done the same.

Again, you could ask them if they will provide a smartthings integration, but most companies these days are counting on matter, since they only have to do one integration to cover many different platforms.

ok thanks for information

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Hi Mateusz,

I have just read this thread and noticed that you have got Bosch’s thermostat, just wondering if u have got the chance tested directly add Bosch’s Zigbee thermostat to Smartthings yet? Does this naturally work?


Hi JDRoberts,

I have a quick question that is Bosch Thermostate room 2 (zigbee) able to directly be added to Smarthings without Bosch hub?


They are Zigbee And can use a ZHA profile, but it appears that they require being added with a QR code, which is not something that smartthings supports for Zigbee at this time as far as I know.

See the home assistant discussion for details:

If I’m wrong and smartthings does support this join method, hopefully someone will comment on it.

Tagging @johnconstantelo , just because he has a lot of different Zigbee devices. :thinking:

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