I programmed my first IFTTT! Now, two things I'd like to program ST to do...need some programming advice

So, I programmed my living room lights when Life360 sensed that my family came home. That was cool!

Now, If anyone would be so kind to point me in the right direction to figuring out these two scenarios, I’d really appreciate it.

  1. My son uses a lot of his cell data watching Youtube videos. He swears he’s connected to wifi at home, but I think his phone might be dropping out. I’ve connected his cell to ST, so how could I get ST to send me a notification if his phone drops the home wifi signal? Could that be a simple IFTTT, or am I going to get my hands dirty?

  2. I’d like a morning program that will turn on the lights in my two kids’ bedrooms, and start playing “morning music” or something like that on their Echos, either by setting a time, or by voice command “Alexa, good morning children”. Where might be a good place to start?

Thanks in advance!

With #2, this is not possible with an echo alone. You can connect a tablet or something else that connects to the echo via Bluetooth and use webCoRE to play music to it but not directly from the Echo.

Look for poor man Sonos thread.

  1. Might I suggest this as an option; https://ifttt.com/applets/302238p-automatically-turn-your-android-device-s-wifi-on-when-you-get-home

It’s an applet that turns the wifi on whenever he gets home. I am using it along with the one that turns wifi off whenever I leave home (assuming he’s using android).

I might be wrong here, but ST does not use Wi-Fi, although it can connect to LAN-connected devices since ST itself is connected to the router.

I was hoping there’d be a way to judge the state of the phone, since it’s connected to ST. Perhaps not. :frowning:

I would say it depends on your router. I was going for simple setup and maintenance so I picked up a Google OnHub Router (I’m lazy and Google already knows everything about me so I don’t care). Google OnHub has an IFTTT channel, not sure if any other router setups have one. If your router doesn’t have IFTTT capability, maybe a Tasker setup on your son’s phone? Otherwise you’re probably going to get your hands very dirty.

#1 if you son has an android phone check out tasker and sharptools. Using those apps you can have his phone tell ST if he is at home and not connected to your wifi then send you a notification.

#2 With Echos it isnt possible programmatically but if you upgrade to google mini’s it would be relatively easy.

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#2 option

I don’t understand the “THAT” part for this section on the IFTTT website. I’ve set the location, but what is it supposed to do next?

Thanks. I’ll try that when I get home.