I need recommendations for Wifi Motion Sensor or Contact Sensor

Hi Im looking for a wifi motion or contact sensor that works with smarthings?

Any recommendations would be appreciated.

What country are you in? The device selection does vary.

Also, battery operated or plug-in? To be honest, there aren’t very many acceptable battery operated Wi-Fi devices because Wi-Fi uses much more power than zwave or Zigbee, so you tend to need to change batteries in a Wi-Fi device every two or three months versus a ZIgbee or Z wave device where the batteries more often last for a year or even two. So sometimes it’s more effective to get a bridge system where the bridge communicates by Wi-Fi but the individual devices talk to the bridge with a different protocol.

Do you have a smartthings hub or are you in a hub optional set up? Either one is fine, again, it just makes a difference in which devices you can use. :sunglasses:

I am in Canada. I prefer it to be without a hub/bridge and battery operated.

And you’re OK with the battery life of two or three months? That’s been typical for most of the Wi-Fi sensors.

Also, are you willing to use Ifttt or Alexa routines as the intermediary? Because there are more Wi-Fi devices that work with those then that work with SmartThings directly.

Oh, and Wi-Fi devices that have to go out to cloud commonly have slower response time than those that use a hub, so that 10 seconds between the door opening and then event happening is pretty common with the Wi-Fi models, and sometimes it can be a minute or more.

If you’re OK with all of those issues, about the only contact sensor model I would consider at this time is the monoprice Stitch, using Alexa routines as the intermediary. The price is pretty good (they are often sold in a two pack, which lowers the price a little more), the engineering is pretty good also. But they do have all the usual Wi-Fi issues, including short battery life. And there’s no direct smartthings integration. But they are available from Amazon in either the US or Canada, or you can order directly from monoprice. I would definitely only offer from somebody with a good returns policy in case they don’t work to your satisfaction.

Here’s the US link, The same device should be available from Amazon in Canada if you prefer that.

You don’t need an echo device to use Alexa routines, but you do need an Amazon account and the free Alexa app.

Thanks for the recommendation.
Yes looking for it to work directly with ST.

No for IFTT not willing to pay for Pro.

and Alexa is maybe. Its not fully featured like trigger porch lights for 10mins only after sunset and before sunrise. I havent been able to do this with Alexa.

The key to this is to put all of the logic on the smartthings side. Just use Alexa to capture the event.

So you set up your Alexa routine so that when the sensor triggers, you turn on a virtual switch which is your proxy for that sensor. Then you build all of your other logic, like turning the lights on, based on that switch coming on. That lets you use smartthings automations but capture the event for a device which is not directly compatible. :sunglasses:


I was originally looking for a solution to trigger my Wiz porchlights for 10mins when the Eufy floodlight triggered. This doesnt work with ST. So I was looking for another solution involving a ST compatible contact or motion sensor.

So based on your suggestions I may be able to get the Eufy Floodcam to trigger an event on Alexa that turns on a virtual ST switch which triggers my Wiz porchlights only between sunset and sunrise.

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Okay that didnt work. Alexa not allowing me to capture any events from my Eufy FloodCam.
Back to the drawing board.

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