I need help to install keypad 3405-L (iris by lowes)

I know this has been discussed somewhere i can’t found it now, but i need help installing the keypad centralite keypad 3405L and i need help, i download the code from the website (link below) and I did install 1 keypad not 2x and create the handler and assign but it didn’t work, when sending signal test from my apps it works but i don’t know how to input the code (pin) to lock and unlock. If someone can help me i will appreciate.


What specifically did you install? You need to install the actual device and then you need to set up a SmartApp to control it and assign codes to it…

See this post for a list of DTH/SmartApps:

I’m not sure why you replied to me. Maybe it was an accident or mistake.

In any case:

  1. I never got the keypad to work after many tries. (Got one for sale/trade though! Nearly new.)
  2. I have switched to Indigo for my home automation.
  3. I only use my ST hub as a slave to Indigo via the Maker channel of IFTTT.
  4. I’m much happier now.

thank you for your time and yes it was by mistake!