I need a Smartthings device to measure in input and text or email

Dear Support:

I have Smartthings Hub and want to get the status of my generator.

The generator has an actuator panel with lights to indicate various statuses. What I want to monitor is

  1. Generator is Running – Which there is a light 12v = On, 0V = Off
  2. Building is on Generator Power - Which there is a light 12v = On, 0V = Off
  3. Commercial Power is available. – which there is a light 12v = On, 0V = Off

The lights run on 12 - 24 volts DC.

So I would have a fortrezz mimo2+ monitoring the first two lights and a mimo lite to monitor the 3rd.

If there is another Device that would make measuring inputs easier please advise.

When 1 or 2 or both above changes (light is on) I want to get an email or text to notify me . On 3, when it goes off, I want a notification of this.

The app would need to monitor the ports and if Commercial power is back on, the Generator Switch has swapped back to Commercial Power, or the Gen set is off, notifications would be sent.

Is there something standard or would an app need to be written?

I use one of these on the generator output cables to monitor this but it is not the ideal solution due to the lag before data gets updated. It does, however, help to monitor the load distribution on the different phases (Mine is a three-phase generator which is not the ideal solution for home use. A single phase generator is much more flexible, because the full capacity of the generator is always available, whereas only a third of the total capacity is available per phase on a three-phase generator. This limits the application of the generator immensely. Never thought of that until it was too late).
I suspect the Fibaro Universal Binary Sensor could be a solution (and I actually purchased one more than a year ago), but never got around to figure out how to use it.

I do something simular but with the ambient light sensor on Sensative Strips Comfort face down over the led. ST does not do SMS or e-mail anymore, but will do push notifications. You can use the IFTTT integration to make the whole thing happen SMS, Email or Push. No extra apps needed.

Homeseer has a zwave plus light sensor that some folks are using on their washer and dryers to know when they are done with the cycle: