Generator Monitoring?

Hi - Looking to use a Multi-Sensor to monitor when my generator kicks in and kicks off. I have a natural gas standby generator and can use the vibration sensors on the multi-sensors to report movement, exactly like the Laundry Monitor app works. The only thing about the Laundry App is it only notifies you when it’s done, not when it starts. Any ideas how I can tweak the app to alert me when it turns on as well?

Use the mailbox app. I had to change out the multisense to a regular open/close sensor on my mailbox because every time a loud truck(garbage truck school bus, motorcycle) went by it would go off. Should work fine for a generator away from the road.

Thanks. The only issue is the mailbox app texts instead of using a push notification. I wish I can change that…

Ok. Try under dashboard, damage and danger, the alert when moved should work

Yes that will work and notify me via push when generator kicks on, but not when it stops.

Well, I’m no programmer so I’m out of ideas, maybe use danger and damage to tell you when it starts and laundry app to tell you when it stops. Not clean but a workaround.

Thanks. Sounds like it will work. What’s another app??!!!

The issue with the danger alerts is they happen every minute. I just ran my generator for 10 minutes and I got several alerts. The laundry app works perfect when the generator finishes. Anyone have the groovy code for the laundry app? I can probably reverse it.

I just glued my multi-sensor to my diesel generator, my problem is that the gen is set to automatically on and off depending if there is a power supply or not. So no one actually opens any door to start it up. I can go in and check the multi-sensor from my app and know if there is any vibration going on, but I can’t find a way to make an alert or notification, and guys it seems that after the last smartthings app update I can’t find “Danger and Damage” any longer. I don’t know a single thing about coding :slight_smile: so i wont be able to write any special app. Anyone can help?

You have to search by hitting the “+” button and then search for movement and you will find the damage and danger apps.

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Hi mates,
I’m not sure if my enquiry/reply is under the right topic, but I guess it’s still about generators, anyway here goes.
Is there any recommended way of measuring my Diesel Tank? I understand that there are moisture/water sensors that when they’re in contact with water they’ll give a signal. But is there a way or device that can be connected to smartthings hub that reports the actual amount of Diesel/water? Thanks.

Hi- Did you ever find a solution for this? I have the same need.

Hello, Has anyone found a new method to handle the generator alerts? So the base condition would be alert that the generator started and the house is running on standby power. I can determine this because one of the wires goes hot to 12V as it pushes the transfer switch over. The wire stays hot.

The other condition is to make sure the test cycle is working as if the system goes into fault because of a failed test I need to know that as it runs a short test by running for 10 min every Sunday. IF it fails it is normally caused by over cranking. I am sure I can find a way to determine this fault but would need another relay.

So I am looking for an app and a preference on the relay. Any suggestions?

If you have a Generac whole house standby generator you can use a RPi and build this monitor. It has a web interface and some other interfaces and eventually I’ll get around to trying to get it to talk to SmartThings. I could use any help with trying to figure that part out.