I have a light with no wall switch: how do I control it?

I am removing a fan from the ceiling that was only operated via the pull chain on the fan, there is no wall switch. We want to replace this fan with a light fixture.

Rather than installing a wall switch, I’d like to utilize my ST system. What device could I integrate into the power line to control the operation of the light?

I was thinking something like a “Aeon Labs Aeotec DSC27103-ZWUS Z-Wave Micro Illuminator In-Wall Light Dimmer” as well as a “Aeotec Minimote” would be a good solution. Do I need a wall switch or would this solution be sufficient?


Also look at the cooper/aspire rf9500

Thanks, Larry. Can you confirm that the Aeotec Illuminator can handle what I’m trying to do? In short, control power to a light WITHOUT having any sort of wall switch involved?

Also, why the Cooper/Aspire?


The reason I was looking at the Aeotec device was that I could use a convention light fixture and bulb (not a bulb that is Z Wave/ ST compatible). It seems like I would need that with the Cooper product?

.I thought you.meant you’d put in a smart bulb. And then.use a zwave switch…white smart bulbs are only 10-20 bucks depending on which one.

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The new Loews iris push buttons aren’t too bad.