I can't connect my zigbee HA wall switch with my ST hub

Hi, veterans. I’m new here. I have some problem, asking for help!!
I have just brought the ST hub, I would like to use ST hub and app to control my wall switches.
My wall switches are Zigbee HA style, but this switch is not in the official list of “compatible device”.
I have tried to search things in ST app, but it find nothing. Green light are blinking, but nothing was found.

I would like to ask, is it possible to connect the things (wall switch) that not in official list? If it’s possible, how can I do?

Thanks a lot!!

It might be a problem with the switches not being close enough to the hub for initial pairing.

I have tried to make the hub and switch face to face, but the result is same, nothing was detected.

Can you tell me which model the switch is?

This switch is produced by a Chinese vendor, the brand is KUDLED, model number is KD-T03SW-Z.

see KUDLED - UK 1/2/3 Gang Switch