I am lost, help me, help others!

Hello Everyone,

Like many of you probably are, I am feeling a bit lost and overwhelmed by all of the changes happening. I have managed to fix a few things but I have a lot of questions that I am hoping more of you “in the know” may be able to help answer. Some of there will be specific to me but I am hoping some of these will help others also.

Is there a site something like the IDE was where you could log in and see all of your devices and reboot the hub, repair the network? Now on top of those things also delete drivers, see what you’ve allowed access, etc?

I have a Honeywell Thermostat that is wi-fi through what honeywell calls “red-link” but its part of total connect comfort. Is this still going to work?

I have an Arlo hub and the cameras are in Smartthings. I have virtual on/off switches to trigger them with IFTT, will this still work?

I have a Hue V2 hub with lights, will this still work?

I have multiple Samsung brand open/close sensors and fibaro brand, will all of this still work?

That is the majority of what I am trying to find but cannot seem to. I am really disappointed with how Samsung has done this. There does not seem to be a central repository showing what is supported still and what is not. I am an IT guy, mostly server side so you programmers are amazing but speak a different lingo than I. I try to understand it a bit but my brain isn’t wired that way.

I can’t even tell how far along this all is since yesterday and what is working fine and what is not and won’t. LOL

I have setup a HomeAssistant server at home and have been playing with it a bit and am really debating, do I stay or do I go? Thanks in advance.

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  1. with the IDE going away, there are several different ways to get different information. See the following thread:

Life after the IDE: Questions and Answers

  1. some of the Honeywell’s still work, I will have to leave it to others to discuss that particular model.

  2. Arlo is complicated, virtual switches are complicated and as of today, Ifttt is complicated. :thinking:

The official Arlo integration uses the new architecture, and will still work.

Virtual switches, depend on, in part, whether you have a smartthings/aeotec hub, or not, and what model that hub is. So we need to know the answer to that first.

The old Ifttt integration no longer works. Ifttt is working on a new integration, but they pulled that this morning, and their support is telling people that they are working on it, but it’s unavailable at the moment. So fingers crossed on that one.

  1. the hue integration should be fine. Do you know if you were using the cloud to cloud version or the LAN version? Both are official smartthings integrations, but work somewhat differently.

  2. smartthings sensors should transition automatically and work fine. The automatic transitions are rolling out little by little, so they might not have transitioned yet.

  3. Fibaro is more complicated. Do you know what DTH you were using and the exact model number of the device?

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Wow! LOL Thanks!

I didn’t even notice yet that my IFTTT stuff was broken. Good times. For Hue… I honestly can’t say that I know what you mean. All I know is I have a Hue v2 hub and its connected to Smartthings.

For Fibaro, I have “FGDW-002-1”. 4 of those ones I think as I couldn’t source the Samsung ones anymore.

Really appreciate your insight on all of this.

One thing I forgot to mention, I have zwave door lock… I assume there should be a generic edge driver for that somewhere? Thanks again!

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Checking the table of edge Drivers in the community-created wiki, it looks like that model is included in the stock edge driver, so it should be fine.

The table is quite new and is still incomplete. So it’s a good place to check if you find your model there, the information should be accurate. If your model isn’t there, it doesn’t mean an edge driver doesn’t exist, it might just mean that nobody from the community has updated the table for it yet. (And, yes, it would be better if there was an official list for this, but so far there isn’t)


You can also check custom edge drivers, although that’s somewhat more work since each list is by device class (one for locks, one for sensors, etc.) rather than a model by model listing.


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I have three 5-year-old Honeywell VisionPro 8000 model WiFi thermostats so I have some limited knowledge.

I can control my thermostats by the Honeywell TCC app on my Android devices or by the Resideo app on Android.

For SmartThings, these particular thermostats use a cloud-to-cloud connection between SmartThings and “Honeywell Home Total Connect Comfort”. Some models of Honeywell thermostats will integrate using the newer “Honeywell Home” c-to-c service. I think you’ve just got to try each and see which picks up your thermostats. In the SmartThings app, pick the Menu tab at the bottom, then tap the gear icon and then Linked Services.


Thanks for your reply, that is the same model I have! I am hoping it will be supported as I am sure you are.


It is supported in the new SmartThings architecture using the Linked Service I mentioned above.

There are some limitations with the Honeywell Home Total Connect Comfort integration. For example you can’t use any thermostat settings as part of the “if” in a Routine, only in the “then”.

And there are just general limitations of SmartThings Routines. For example there’s no way to just bump the temperature setting by a degree or two. That’s because there is no way to capture the current setting into a variable, do math, and use the result to make a new setting.

Bottom line: your thermostat will work with SmartThings.

For me, there’s a level of discomfort with making my HVAC dependent on the Internet and/or SmartThings. All my thermostats are set with internal temperature programs for heating and cooling. So they adjust temperature for day and night without needing to communicate with anything.

I’ve got some SmartThings scenes that I use to flip all thermostats to a particular mode. I mostly trigger those manually in the app or via Alexa. It’s a little annoying at this time of year when we get 80 degree days followed by 30 degree nights but feels safer to me.