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I am DONE with IRIS products

(Nathan Curtis) #6

If device help was on, it will probably help immensely by turning it off. Did for me. Watch out whenever you get an update to the app on your device. For some reason the feature has defaulted ‘on’ for me the last couple updates and I find our when one of my door sensors goes ‘unavailable’

Interested to see if it’s better for you in a few days

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Sorry, what brand is the LED strip? And is it connected to the hue bridge or not?

Turning off device health may also help, it has for some people.

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(Greg) #8

My iris products are some of the most stable devices I have.


(Jimmy) #9

As mentioned in your other thread, you need some zigbee repeaters



As mentioned several times before by others:

  • The Iris devices are my absolute most reliable devices I own.
  • You need need a few ZigBee repeaters, like the Iris wall plugs.
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On repeaters:

Read post 11 in the following FAQ, then go back to the top of that thread and read the whole thread. It can save you a lot of frustration.

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(Glen King) #12

If you’re gonna trash ‘em, I’ll take ‘em.

From reading the posts of unfortunate folks like yourself, there must be environmental issues that inhibit the functionality of the various sensors and devices. Because there are folks like you who have constant issues, and there are others who run the same devices with virtually no problems.


(Joel W) #13

Glen I am sure you will have to fight to the death to get them.


(Eric) #14

Just out of curiosity, what is Device Health supposed to do, and why does it cause problems?


(C L Sanchez 1877) #15

So far my Iris sensors are working fine, mostly. I do get the unavailable status a few times, but I currently have NO zigbee devices on my hub…so everything has to reach the hub. I plan to fix this soon with some random zigbee modules (repeating) plugged into my dormer windows. I understand the sensors may have to then be deleted and readded to get them to recognize the new repeaters.


(Dana ) #16

Sorry, that answer is above my pay grade. :slight_smile:

I just noticed I was having issues, came here and did some searching and on the advice of others w/similar problems turned off Device Health and all was hunky dory again. I’ve kept it off since.

Someone else like @JDRoberts should be able to provide a richer explanation. :slight_smile:



Don’t make life painful for yourself. You do not have to delete and readd devices. If you purchase some new Zigbee repeating devices, get them paired and into the SmartThings system so you know that they work.

Then, you will unplug the power to your SmartThings hub, take out the batteries (if you installed them), go fix yourself a sandwich and a drink, wait 30 minutes.

Then put the batteries back in, plug the power cord back in and let SmartThings boot back up. At this point in time, a Zigbee heal will occur. Nothing you have to do other than be patient. It’s possible that it could take up to 24 hours for this to complete, more likely less time with as few devices you have.

Did I mention that you don’t need to delete and readd your Zigbee devices for them to find another device to repeat through? Just checking. :sunglasses:



It’s a feature specific to the SmartThings platform, not part of zigbee or zwave, so I’m afraid I can’t help.

There is some more discussion here:


(C L Sanchez 1877) #19

I think you might be implying something that I just cant quite grasp…you think maybe I could not delete them and instead just power down the hub and wait some time…:). Thanks

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When your SmartThings hub is completely powered off with the batteries removed, all the Zigbee devices that are connected to your hub go into what is known as “panic mode”.

Open and read the following post. It gives you a fully detailed explanation of how Zigbee and it’s devices work.

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(Anthony Genovese) #21

Have you added any 2g wifi devices recently?


(Monte Montemayor) #22

No, and there in lies the frustration. I’m a technical guy and been around tech for decades and its crazy to me that things just simply stop working. In the past, the first place you look is “What’s changed”? In the case of ST (and Hue for that matter), sometimes things DO change that we’re unaware of, such as auto updates. For my particular situation, I know that it appears many have had great luck with IRIS products but in my case, they are the only products in my smart home (100+ devices). I turned my hub off for about 2 hrs yesterday and this AM, everything was working great. Fingers crossed.

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(Jason "The Enabler" as deemed so by @Smart) #23

In my experience, it kills things.


(Jimmy) #24

In my experience, its lets me know when my crappy Xiaomi water sensors randomly fall offline.

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(Not Dexter) #25

Or the sensors are fine, and the Device Health is the actual problem.

Here’s how I’ve heard it described:

Device Health reports problems when devices miss their normal check ins. Many devices don’t report check ins within the intervals Device Health is expecting, so even though the device is healthy and checking in as it should, Device Health flags it as unavailable and makes it unusable.

As a test, next time your “crappy Xiaomi” or Iris devices report unavailable, turn off Device Health and watch them immediately come back to life.