I am back!

After quite a looong hiatus, I’m back on the SmartThings scene. Good to see that many old-timers are still around (most notably @JDRoberts) and as helpful as always. :+1:

Looks like we’re in the midst of another major platform overhaul. I guess I’ll have to re-learn a thing or two (Edge drivers, new REST API, etc.). Anyway, just wanted to say hello and looking forward to dusting off my Lua programming skills.


welcome back!


Welcome back! :sunglasses:

You’ve probably already seen these, but just in case not…

The community FAQ has links to most of the new platform announcements.

FAQ: I have no idea what Edge is. Is that a new developer tool? (2022)

And there are more than a dozen community developers doing great work for Edge! :tada: Quick browse lists are in the wiki. Be sure to check out the Services and Miscellaneous lists—there’s some amazing work there!

Quick Browse Lists for Edge Drivers - Things That Are Smart Wiki

(I’m staying at my brother’s this week while some remodeling is being done at my house, so my time online this week is limited, but I’m still around.)

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Welcome back to the community @geko


Welcome back @geko
Any chance you could brush up on your Lua quickly, we need an edge pollster driver due to zwave edge device refresh issues :grin: