Well this post sums up what happened nicely (Stacey on IOT Blog, 19 August 2021)

“… it will rely on users to write the device handlers (using Lua) for the items they buy and then share those device handlers with others”

Say what? It will only do that to the extent it always has done.

I normally really like her reporting, but this particular article is very inaccurate. It makes it seem like the groovy cloud was already turned off a few months ago, when it was only announced that it would be turned off eventually.

I thought about posting something on the blog but I decided it didn’t matter. Whatever people need to know, they will find out in the normal process.

edited to update

After the fifth person today sent me a link to the same article, I finally broke down and posted a comment. If Only to keep any more of my friends from sending it to me. LOL! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


yeah, the podcast was a little weird too. They said on the podcast that drivers submitted for publication in the app wouldn’t have any kind of security review. That’s not how the publication process works today, so I don’t know why moving to drivers would be any different.

One thing I would like to see SmartThings staff chime in on is what the plan is for the migration. Will SmartThings be converting all the current published Groovy DTH’s to Edge Drivers? some of them? none of them? I would have to assume at least some of them given there are already some examples published with them saying more are coming.


That would go a long way helping a smooth transition. I was just thinking about this today, about how many people might be using what would otherwise seem like an obsolete device handler, that hadn’t been addressed by SmartSense, for example.

Everyone handles this Edge things as a final product, but this is still a developer beta. It has no effect on normal users. There will be a second beta as well, as it was mentioned by some ST employees. (Please see the announcement topic for reference.)

The CLI is still v0.0.0-pre.28 a WIP, the same as this Edge setup.

It would run on a v2 and v3 Hub, but not on the Wifi system, because that hasn’t got the updated 38.X firmware.

And comparing a cloud based system moving to local, to a genuinely local home automation system, that is a bit of dumb… They are still far apart regarding customisation and real local control.

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