Hydronic Infloor Thermostat

I am looking for a simple thermostat that will work with in floor hot water heat and that I can monitor with SmartThings. I have searched the forum and everyone seems to talk about electric in floor but not hot water.

Is their really no thermostat out their to do this, hard to believe.

It’s relatively rare tech in homes so not many people will know much about it, what kind of thermostats are normally available for this? Maybe if know what’s normally used with hydronic in floor heating, we might be able to work out if there’s something else that might work?

Well just about every newer house around here has in floor hot water heater. They are just a simple thermostat that also have a temperature probe that monitors floor temp. You can set max and min floor temp along with room temp.

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So the same kind of thermostat as a normal thermostat? If that’s the case, take a picture of how the thermostat is connect and post it here.

Hi there!

I think I have the same problem - need a very basic thermostat, but not sure which z-wave thermostat I’d want to get!

The wiring is attached. The regular thermostat currently used is this one:

Honeywell TH1100DV1000 Pro-Digital 2-Wire Heat Only: