Is there a heated floor tile thermostat?

(Peter Pham) #1

I’m about to install heated floor tiles in my bathroom. is there a thermostat that’s zigbee or zwave controlled to use with smartthings?

(Cj) #2

I don’t know if this will work for you or not depending on the type of radiant you have.

My master suite is heated by radiant under the floor in the room, closet and bath (including under the shower) and the entire space is over an unheated garage. My concern is if something happens and the water isn’t flowing on a cold night, I could get a frozen pipe.

The heat comes from water lines from the boiler. The water lines are split at a manifold in the closet. I simply mounted a Smart Things Multi-sensor onto the manifold and that is enough to easily tell when the water is flowing warm. I don’t get the actual floor temp (the manifold is warmer), but that isn’t as important to me, I wanted to know when the system was pumping warm water. But radiant takes so long to change temp, it’s nice to know when the water is flowing hot. That is what the sensor does and since it sits on a metal manifold, the temp changes fairly quickly (unlike the P-tex pipes or the thermal mass of the tile/shower/floor).

One of my first programming jobs is going to be to create an app that can monitor the various elements of the heating system and report any malfunctions like cold pipes when they should be warm, leaks, and even the position of various duct baffles. (open or closed)

(A2 Z) #3

WarmWire Radiant Heated flooring system by SunTouch uses a smart Programmable Thermostat.
SunTouch WarmWire is the safest and easiest-to-install heating system in the industry.