Z wave thermostat for radiant floor heat

I’m going to remodel my master bathroom this winter. I picked out the radiant floor heating I’m going to use. I’m looking for a z wave thermostat for a single zone. Any suggestions? (I searched the community, and it looks like this question hasn’t be discussed in more than a year, so I’m starting a new thread.)


Still searching…

Honeywell makes makes z wave thermostats. I found this Honeywell floor sensor:


I’m going to contact Honeywell to see which thermostats it will work with.


I am using the Heatit ZWave thermostat. It has been specifically designed for floor heating and comes with a floor sensor. I am using it for central heating but it works great. I liked the price and aesthetics of it. The interface is very basic so any programs should be set up on you smartapp.

It looks like a great device, but it doesn’t look like it’s available in a US version.